What’s the Best Electronic Cigarette on the Market 2015?

Hi, I’m Steve Miller and welcome to my home grown E cigarette review of the E cigs that we smoke ourselves. I’m a veteran E-smoking enthusiast and began this blog about five years ago when E-smoking was new. Over the years, I have reviewed many brands and I’ve found a few that I consider the very best electronic cigarette brands on the market.

Best Electronic Cigarette Brands 2015

#1 Best Electric CigaretteEverSmoke$53.99
Discount Price
10% Discount
No Code Needed!
10Visit EverSmoke

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Top E CigaretteSouthBeach Smoke$53.99
Discount Price
10% Discount
No Code Needed!
10Visit South Beach

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Platinum Option Pro Kit$52.79
Discount Price
12% Discount
No Code Needed!
UnlimitedVisit VaporFi

Review Coming Soon
White Cloud$50.96 to


Discount Price
15% Discount Code:
15Visit White Cloud

Read Review
Blu Cig$69.957Visit Blu Cig

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I  review what I consider to be the current best E-cig brands and the ones that I smoke or recommend.

As a guy who tried over a dozen brands over the years, this electronic cigarette review site is the result of our own personal effort to find the best electronic cigarette possible, whether online or in retail stores.

I  Spotlight what I consider to be the 5 Top electronic cigarette brands on the market for 2015.

I’ve found that quality E cig brands are hard to find in retail stores and that there are only a handful of really good brands that are worth investing in. All our content and recommendations are trustworthy and based on years of experience both personally and among friends and family over the years.

I review the Ecig brands with the latest, longest lasting E-cigarette batteries and also the brands that have the best taste.

If you are new to E-smoking, check out my short video. Also check out our Eversmoke review. It is new and impressive brand that we found recently. South Beach Smoke now sells flavor cartridges with only 100% USA ingredients, which helps ensure quality cartridge ingredients.

E Cigarettes are a remarkable technology with growing popularity as their quality improves.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me. I’m glad to help people considering the switch to vapor cigarettes.  I find it such a positive and satisfying smoking alternative.

Cheers and Happy E-Smoking!
This site last updated: Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

Watch Steve’s Electronic Cigarette Review
of EverSmoke & South Beach Smoke.

See 2 of the Best E Cigarette Brands:

Best Electronic Cigarette Review: EverSmoke

EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette – #1 Best Electronic Cigarette 2015

EverSmoke Starter KitOur Best Electric Cigarette
Awarded Best Flavor, Best Vapor & Value!
Price: $53.99  (Price with 10% auto-discount)
Flavors: (10) Excellent taste!
Nicotine Levels: (4)
Battery: Strong Lithium
Discount: 10%
Discount Code: Auto-Applied

Visit EverSmoke 2012 Best Electronic Cigarette

Our Veteran Electronic Cigarette Review Panel Speaks

  1. “Among the Best Tasting Cartridges I’ve tested to date.”
  2. “Earns its place with a Long Lasting Battery – one of the most powerful we’ve seen in an electronic cigarette.”
  3. “This respected electronic cigarette brand has delivered a highly reliable, superior electronic cigarette.”

EverSmoke – Our 2014 Best Electronic Cigarette Pick:

EverSmoke is the latest electronic cigarette from an experienced, reputable Florida-based electronic cigarette manufacturer. The Top Electronic Cigarette Review team considers EverSmoke to have the smoothest draw and richest, full-bodied vapor of any brand we’ve tested in years. Add top-shelf battery performance, and EverSmoke earns our Number One rank for 2015.

Thanks to that superior lithium ion battery, taking a drag is practically effortless and delivers vapor that is nuanced, rich and full of flavor. EverSmoke avoids the artificial taste and feel of other electronic cigarette brands thanks to its excellent, responsive draw. The electronic cigarette senses when a drag is taken and quickly signals the production of vapor. This responsiveness — another benefit of the powerful, long-lasting battery — brings a degree of realism to the electronic cigarette smoking experience.

Our favorite thing about EverSmoke?

The flavor cartridges. EverSmoke flavors don’t have that “artificial smoke” edge of so many other brands. These electronic cigarettes are full-flavored and outright tasty. We’re all in agreement: EverSmoke got their flavor formulas right! The EverSmoke menthol flavor, crisp and refreshing like spearmint, will win over smokers who don’t ordinarily enjoy this flavor. Their tobacco flavor is mild, light and smooth… a real standout for a menthol smoker like myself.

Another plus with EverSmoke: The battery is available in three sizes and three different colors, with both automatic and manual settings. If you’re a heavy smoker, the manual setting will get you the big vapor response you’re looking for.

EverSmoke comes from an industry leader and sports the latest electronic cigarette technology. Thanks to the quality, taste and exceptional battery, EverSmoke is our number one choice in our Top Five Best Electronic Cigarette Review for 20145

EverSmoke: Pros and Cons


  1. Best Tasting Cartridge Flavors
  2. Ultra Powerful Lithium Battery
  3. Strong Vapor Production
  4. High Quality, Hassle Free Two-Piece Design
  5. Best Value In A Low Priced Electronic Cigarette
  6. Ten Flavors


  1. There are no notable negatives to choosing EverSmoke.

Product Details: EverSmoke

Manufacturer: EverSmoke
Country: USA – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Type: 2-Piece
Basic Starter Kit: $59.95
Premium Starter Kit: $79.99
Ultimate Starter Kit: $109.99
Ultimate Plus Starter Kit: $154.99
Cartridge Price (15-pack): $2.22 – 2.66 per cartridge
Number of Flavors: 6 (4 new ones coming)
Nicotine Levels Offered: 4 (Full Flavored 18mg, Light 12mg, Ultra Light 6mg and Nicotine-Free 0mg)
Nicotine Solution Liquid: No liquids
Warranty: Battery: Lifetime Replacement Warranty on all components. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on any product except cartridges

Basic Starter Kit: $59.95

Includes: 1 Lithium Standard Battery – choice of color and Automatic or Manual switch, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger, 1 5-pack Nicotine Cartridges (your choice of flavor).

Premium Starter Kit: $79.99

Includes: 1 Lithium High-Capacity and 1 Lithium Standard Battery – choice of Color and Automatic or Manual Switch, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger, 1 5-pack Nicotine Cartridges (your choice of flavor).

Ultimate Starter Kit: $109.99

Includes: 1 Lithium High Capcity and 1 Lithium Standard Battery – choice of Color and Automatic or Manual Switch, 1 Personal Charging Case, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger, 1 Car Charging Adapter, Carrying Case, 1 15-pack of Nicotine Cartridges (your choice of flavor).

Ultimate Plus Starter Kit: $154.99

Includes: 1 Lithium High-Capacity and 1 Lithium Mini Battery – choice of Color and Automatic or Manual Switch, 1 Personal Charging Case, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger, 1 Car Charging Adapter, Carrying Case, 15-pack of Nicotine Cartridges (your choice of flavor).

Flavor Cartridges:

EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette CartridgesEverSmoke electronic cigarette flavor cartridges taste better than any other brand we’ve ever tested. Their Classic Tobacco is smooth, authentic and full bodied, very much like a nice blend of Marlboro and Camels brands. The menthols are also full bodied, with a clean, bright taste similar to spearmint. EverSmoke menthols are particularly popular — try one as a refreshing after dinner smoke. The Vanilla flavor cartridge is as much of a dessert as you’d think it should be. Peppermint is crisp and not at all artificial.

EverSmoke flavors include:

  • Classic Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Vanilla
  • Cherry
  • Coffee
  • Peppermint

New Flavors Now Available:

  • Golden Tobacco
  • Royal Tobacco
  • Pina Colada
  • Peach

EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes Offer Four Nicotine Levels

Eversmoke Electronic Cigarette Charger Plugged In

  • 18 mg = Full Flavored
  • 12 mg = Lights
  • 6 mg = Ultra Lights
  • 0 mg = No Nicotine

EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Vapor Volume

EverSmoke is top-rated in vapor production thanks to the powerful battery and your choice of automatic or manual production.

The Automatic battery is wonderfully smooth, requires very little effort, is responsive to your draw and generates abundant vapor. For heavier smokers looking for much more vapor, choose the manual battery and just press a button!


The EverSmoke electronic cigarette battery one of the best on the market. The technologically advanced microchip is extra responsive to the draw and generates very satisfying amounts of vapor with very little effort.

The standard battery is good for at least 250 puffs. The high capacity battery will get you 350 puffs or more. Want to smoke all day? The high capacity battery is ideal for a heavy smoker.

A mini battery, about the size of a regular cigarette, is also available from EverSmoke. Less conspicuous and excellent for the discreet smoker, the mini will last at least 175 puffs.

A good battery is integral to electronic cigarette smoker satisfaction. EverSmoke, an experienced American electronic cigarette company, brings us the strongest, powerful, most reliable electronic cigarette battery available. This makes EverSmoke our 2013 pick for top five best electronic cigarettes.


EverSmoke ChargerIncluded in the Starter pack are AC and USB chargers. With the USB charger, you can charge from nearly any modern computer. With the car adapter, you can even charge on the go. The EverSmoke electronic cigarette charger is smartly designed, reliable, and the high quality is back by a lifetime replacement warranty.

Special Features

EverSmoke electronic cigarettes count three battery colors, three sizes and Automatic or Manual options among their special features. High tech and reliable, EverSmoke is very economical and boasts some exceptional flavors!

Product Quality

An EverSmoke electronic cigarette has the look and feel of an authentic cigarette. With manufacturing and technical quality among the best in the electronic cigarette industry, EverSmoke electronic cigarettes are built to last. Even better, everything except the disposable refill cartridges is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Customer Service:

EverSmoke customer service is open every day, all day. As a new line of electronic cigarettes from an experienced Florida manufacturer, EverSmoke has a well trained, friendly and eager customer service staff.

A 10% Discount on any Starter Kit is Automatically Applied from this site. No Discount Code is Needed.

EverSmoke: 2015 Best Electronic Cigarette Brand

Getting started with electric cigarettes calls for some research and consideration — it can be a big investment. You want to find a quality electronic cigarette brand to ensure your satisfaction. Top Electronic Cigarette Review takes tremendous pride in presenting the best electronic cigarette review, and we stand by our 2015 Top 5 best electronic cigarette selections. We think EverSmoke is a rock star brand!

E-Cigarettes in ABC and Fox News:

Electronic Cigarette Review: South Beach

South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette: One of Our Best For 2015

South Best Electronic Cigarette ReviewA Top Electronic Cigarette
Superior Battery Technology & Great Price.
Price: $53.99 (Price with 10% auto-discount)
Flavors: 10 – 100% of All Ingredients from USA.
Nicotine Levels: 5
Battery: Strong Lithium
Discount: 10%
Discount Code: None Needed, Auto-Applied

best electronic cigarette | Top electronic cigarette

South Beach: Our Electronic Cigarette Review Of a Rock Star Brand

The results of our electronic cigarette review of South Beach Smoke are in: South Beach Smokes possess the best overall technology, are top class in quality, and a great value. Other web reviews of South Beach Smoke are overwhelmingly positive. South Beach Smoke is among the most popular electronic cigarette brands sold today.

South Beach didn’t slow down after earning well-deserved respect for battery life. In late 2001, South Beach Smoke debuted the SuperMAX Deluxe 4.2 volt battery — the most powerful, advanced battery available today. The SuperMAX Deluxe is included in every South Beach Smoke starter kit, which is good news for electronic cigarette smokers since nothing is more frustrating than a weak battery.

A satisfying electronic cigarette experience depends on a good battery. The South Beach Smoke SuperMax Deluxe battery generates insane billows of vapor — more than Safe Cig, Green Smoke, Blu, V2 and White Cloud. The battery also holds a charge longer than any other leader brand.

An Electric Cigarette With Realistic, Satisfying Flavor

South Beach Smoke excels in the flavor department with the most satisfying, realistic smoke we’ve found. South Beach Smoke flavor cartridges don’t taste fake or artificial — they taste like real tobacco.

South Beach Smoke Batteries in Deluxe Kit | Electronic Cigarette Review

High Capacity & Regular Lithium Ion Batteries in Deluxe Kit

South Beach Smoke: Economical Without Sacrificing Service

Despite their very high quality, South Beach Smoke kits and refill cartridges are very economical. In addition, South Beach Smoke has earned a reputation of superior customer service in electronic cigarette reviews.

If you want to do your own electronic cigarette review, you can test South Beach Smokes risk free thanks to their thirty day money back guarantee.

South Beach Smoke  Flavors

As of February 2013, South Beach only sells flavor cartridges with 100% American made ingredients. This is notable and helps ensure the best quality vapor. Very few competitors do this.

Our electronic cigarette review of South Beach Smoke’s draw found it rich and flavorful. There are four nicotine levels and ten flavors, including four tobacco variations that taste like Marlboro Lights, Camels, American Spirit and Newports.

If you want a crisp taste similar to Marlboro Menthol Lights, give the South Beach menthol flavor a try. If a cool, refreshing smoke is more your bag, go with the new Peppermint flavor. Fans of alternative flavors call the Chocolate flavor a particular favorite.

South Beach E Cigarette: Pros and Cons


  1. Battery performance that cannot be matched by any competitor.
  2. Lasts forever on a charge, with a remarkable quantity of vapor. A realistic, satisfying smoke.
  3. A popular user favorite.
  4. A great option for the budget conscious smoker.
  5. Ten flavors – All ingredients are made in the USA! – This is very rare.
  6. New Bold Strength with 24mg nicotine cartridges.


  1. For best reliability, go for the two-piece model (Deluxe Starter Kit).

Product Details: South Beach

South Beach Smoke Cartridges included in Deluxe Kit
Manufacturer: South Beach Smoke
Country: USA, Florida
Model: Deluxe Starter Kit
Type: Two Piece system
Deluxe Starter Kit Price: $53.99 (price with 10% auto discount)
Cartridge Price (15-pack): $39.99 ($2.66 per cartridge. A cartridge is about 1.5 packs of cigarettes.)
Number of Flavors: 10 (Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Blue, Tobacco Gold, Menthol, Peppermint, Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Peach, Pina Colado, Peach)
Nicotine Levels Offered: 5 (0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 16mg, 24mg)
Warranty: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee & Lifetime Replacement Warranty for Home Delivery Members.

Deluxe Starter Kit

Includes Refill Cartridges.


  • Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Cherry
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

South Beach Smoke provides a choice of five different flavors, plus a variety pack. We found South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette flavors to taste very much like real cigarette. If you like Marlboros, you’ll like the South Beach Smoke Tobacco and Menthol flavors.


South Beach Smoke has a three-piece Premium system and the two-piece Deluxe electronic cigarette. We highly recommend the Deluxe model, wherein the atomizer is built into the refill cartridge. Because you replace the atomizer when you change the refill cartridge, you get smooth, consistent vapor draws free of clogs.


Our electronic cigarette review finds the brand new South Beach Smokes electronic cigarette battery, the SuperMax Deluxe 4.2 volt) to be without compare. It’s the most advanced and powerful battery on the market with the highest vapor volume. You get regular and high-capacity batteries in the basic kit.

The high-capacity battery endures for an entire day and produces unparalleled vapor. We cannot recommend this battery too much: its power and life make it the best electronic cigarette battery you can find.


South Beach Smoke Wall ChargerIncluded in the Deluxe Starter Kit is a portable wall charger. For a bit more money, the Premium Plus Starter Kit comes with a USB charger and universal car adapter for staying juiced up when you’re on the move.

Special Features

South Beach Smokes recently added five new flavors, including two types of Tobacco, Peppermint, Pina Colada, and Peach. No other brand offers so many flavors. All cartridge ingredients are American made.

Did we mention the incredible, unsurpassed battery life?

Product Quality

Our electronic cigarette review of South Beach Smokes revealed a quality product with an excellent draw and rich vapor. We had no failures or clogs during the test, and the excellent battery life and vapor volume cannot be overstated.

Customer Service

South Beach Smoke’s customer service is regarded as outstanding by electronic cigarette reviewers and customers. Our shipment was delivered within a few days.

A 10% Discount will Automatically be Applied to Your order from this site.

South Beach: One of the Best Electronic Cigarette:

We started our electronic cigarette review site because we wanted to find the best electronic cigarette brands for our own use. We only present for your consideration the electronic cigarettes we smoke ourselves. South Beach Smokes ranks in the top five best electronic cigarette brands in 2015.

Electronic Cigarettes in CBS and CNN News:

Best Electronic Cigarette Review: White Cloud

Best Electronic Cigarette Review: White Cloud — Ultimate Technology

White Cloud Cirrus 3X Starter Kit | Best Electronic CigaretteA Rock Star Brand!
Ultimate Premium Quality
Price: $50.96 to $157.21 (Price with Discount)
Flavors: 15
Nicotine Levels: 6
Battery: Strong Lithium Polymer
Discount: 15% (This makes White Cloud a remarkable value)
Discount Code: WCTKIT15

Visit White Cloud Site

Our Best Electronic Cigarette Review Panel Speaks

  1. “White Cloud is the rock star brand”
  2. “White Cloud is the one to own if you’re ready to invest in electronic cigarette smoking.”
  3. “The crown for longest lasting and fastest recharging battery belongs to… White Cloud!”

White Cloud Is A Rock Star

White Cloud is the priciest brand of electronic cigarettes… the brand to own if money is no object when selecting the best electronic cigarette for you. That high price is why this “Rolls Royce” brand doesn’t earn our 2015 top ranked spot. Everything about White Cloud is the absolute premium quality. This electronic cigarette is built to last.

White Cloud’s Lithium Polymer battery provides three advantages over less advanced technology:

  1. Extra-long draws of eight to nine seconds
  2. The power to smoke the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes — about 300 puffs — on a single charge
  3. Super-fast recharge speed of about an hour. Compare that to two and a half to four hours for less premium brands!

If you’re a smoker who likes long, slow drags, White Cloud is the best electronic cigarette for you. It creates a smooth, consistently sustained volume.

Thanks to the incredible battery, drags of eight to nine seconds can be drawn from this electronic cigarette. White Cloud uses “Smooth Draw Technology” to pull lots of air through a small space, resulting in a “white cloud” of smoke with great, rich taste.

White Cloud electronic cigarette brand offers nine superb flavors in five nicotine levels. This brand is proud of its rich, smooth, tasty flavors, and our Top Electronic Cigarette Review agrees they’re some of the best we’ve tested.

White Cloud Pros and Cons:

White Cloud Cirrus 3X Close-Up

  1. Smoothest draw and enormous vapor production.
  2. 600 puffs per charge with the Cirrus3X and polymer battery technology
  3. one hour recharge time with the Cirrus 3 and polymer battery technology
  4. Great taste and largest flavor variety of any brand we know of.
  5. 15% Discount makes this brand a great value


  1. Relatively more expensive than other electronic cigarette brands due to the amazing polymer battery and the quality of this brand
  2. Two of the starter kits do not include an AC adapter

Product Details: White Cloud

Manufacturer: White Cloud Cirrus
Country: USA
Type: 2-Piece
Cirrus II Starter Kit: $49.95
Cirrus 3 Starer Kit: $79.95
Cirrus Variety Starter Kit: $109.95
Cirrus 3X Starter Kit: $119.95
Cartridge Price (5-pack): $15.95 – (they just had a price reduction from $19.95)
Number of Flavors: 15: One of the biggest varieties of any brand on the market today.
Strengths Offered: 6 Double X (only avail. w/tobacco flavor) extra, full, light, ultra-light and nicotine free.
Nicotine Solution Liquid: No liquid, voids warranty.
FREE Warranty: All equipment is covered against defects by a six month warranty.

You can also purchase a two year Assured warranty to cover defects and accidental damage for two years for $29.95. The Cirrus 3X Kit includes the Assured warranty.

FREE Shipping: Orders over $50.00 ship for free.

White Cloud Cirrus II Starter Kit: $50.96 with WCKIT15 discount

Includes: (2) Batteries, (1) USB Charger, (5) SmoothDraw Cartridges, 6 Month Warranty.

White Cloud Cirrus 3 Starter Kit: $97.71with WCKIT15 discount

Includes: (3) Batteries, (1) USB Charger, (1) AC Adapter, (5) SmoothDraw Cartridges, 6 Month Warranty.

White Cloud Cirrus Variety Starter Kit: $114.71 with WCKIT15 discount

Includes: (3) Batteries: a Cirrus 2, a C3 and a C3X, (1) USB Chargebolt Charger, (1) AC Adapter, (5) SmoothDraw Cartridges.

White Cloud Cirrus 3X Starter Kit: $157.21 with WCKIT15 discount

Includes: (3) Batteries, (1) USB Chargebolt Charger, (1) AC Adapter, (5) 5-Packs of SmoothDraw Cartridges, 2 year Premium Warranty.

White Cloud Flavor Cartridges:

With nine different flavors, White Cloud offers more choices than most brands of electronic cigarette. Each flavor taste great and is rich, smooth and full of body. You can expect to get about 400 puffs from each cartridge.

White Cloud’s (15) flavors include:

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol (refreshing, with a touch of eucalyptus)
  • Vanilla – amazing taste
  • Espresso
  • Chocolate
  • Indonesian Clove
  • Strawberry – We highly recommend this flavor
  • Kick (like cinnamon with a little honey… a favorite!)
  • Snap (strong mint with cacao beans)
  • Apache
  • Bora Bora
  • Moscow Mule
  • Diablo
  • Lime Coconut
  • Mint Berry

White Cloud Vapor Volume:

White Cloud might be the best electronic cigarette for smokers who like long, slow drags. Thanks to the White Cloud “Smooth Draw Technology,” which pulls lots of air through a small space to create thick and rich vapor, you can take a medium draw or one lasting as long as eight seconds.

White Cloud Atomizer:

White Cloud utilizes a two piece component system wherein the atomizer is part of the filter and replaced each time you refill the flavor cartridge.

We think the two piece model is the best electronic cigarette atomizer strategy because there’s almost no maintenance, leaks or clogs and they provide nearly hassle-free smoking.

White Cloud Battery:

Both the White Cloud electronic cigarette Cirrus 3 and Cirrus 3X starter kits include three high-capacity lithium polymer batteries. These batteries will each last long enough to go through an entire cartridge, or equal to about two packs of tobacco cigarettes. A single charge should get your through an entire day of smoking.

The Cirrus 3X battery lasts around 600 puffs and takes two hours to recharge. That makes it the longest lasting electronic cigarette battery in the world. It’s this advanced technology that makes White Smoke more pricey than other brands, but it’s worth it for the rock star performance.

The Cirrus 3 battery will get you 200 puffs and takes an hour to recharge — the fastest recharge time of any brand we’ve reviewed, by far.

Finally, the Cirrus II battery will provide you with power for 280 puffs and takes ninety minutes to recharge.

These batteries are designed to endure. Quite simply, they are practically invulnerable when dropped. Our Best Electronic Cigarette Review team has used the same batteries for over two years with no reduction in quality or performance.

White Cloud Charger:

White Cloud Cirrus 3X Close-Up
The White Cloud Cirrus 3 and Cirrus Variety starter kids include a USB and AC charger. The rest of the starter kits come with a USB charger, but you can get an AC charger separately for $19.95.

We’ve used our original chargers for two years with no problem. White Smoke manufactures quality products that can be relied on through heavy use, and are protected under warranty against defects.

White Cloud Special Features:

White Cloud provides the best electronic cigarette battery available today. No other electronic cigarette recharges faster or lasts as long.

Thanks to the power and endurance of the battery, and the instant restart feature, you can get very long drags of eight to nine seconds, and the taste and number of flavors is without compare.

White Cloud Product Quality:

White Cloud is high on the list for “best electronic cigarette.” It’s been called a “Rolls Royce” brand and, appropriately, it’s solidly, tightly built. In our test of White Cloud, we did not witness any failures, leaks or clogs.

Without a doubt, White Cloud electronic cigarettes feature the most advanced battery of any electronic cigarette product on the market today.

White Cloud Customer Service:

The Best Electronic Cigarette Review team saw that the White Smoke customer service department gets high marks on the web, and our experience matched that expectation. When we ordered a new electronic cigarette battery our phone experience was good and the battery arrived on time.


How to Choose a Best Electronic Cigarette:

We’re proud to bring you the best electronic cigarette reviews. We’re experienced electronic cigarette fans who stand by our selections for the Top 5 best electronic cigarette brands for 2015.

We created this site to find the best products on the market, so please share your product feedback or ask us questions.

Best Electronic Cigarette News:

Best Electronic Cigarette Review: Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs: A Best Electronic Cigarette 2015 Choice

best electronic cigaretteThe Cool Blue Tip Is A Party Favorite
Cartridges made in the USA and propylene glycol-free
Price: $69.95
Flavors: 7
Nicotine Levels: 4
Special Features:Cartridges made in the USA; all propylene glycol free!

best electronic cigarette brand 2012

Made In The USA And Full Of Value

Blu Cig brand electronic cigarettes stand out as a great value. The starter kit is very complete for the price. Blu Cig might be the best electronic value for someone hoping to try electronic cigarettes without a large investment.

Blu Cig recently upgraded both their battery and overall reliability, resulting in more robust vapor production and more powerful batteries.

Blu Cigs’ seven flavors (with four nicotine levels) are all made in Wisconsin rather than poorly-regulated China, and all flavor cartridges are propylene glycol free.

If you’re looking for a solid, reliable brand made in the USA for a great price, Blu Cig is the best electronic cigarette for you!

Blu Cig Pros and Cons


  1. Good Value for a great price
  2. Cartridges made in USA. Not a Chinese product in any way!
  3. Propylene and Glycol-free


  1. Average vapor production
  2. Average battery life

Product Details: Blu Cig

Manufacturer: Blu Cig
Country: USA
Model: Original Starter Kit
Starter Kit Price: $69.95
Cartridge Price (5-pack): $12.00
Number of Flavors: 7
Nicotine Levels Offered: 4 (Full Flavored: 16mg, Light: 12 mg, Ultra Light: 8mg, No Nicotine)
Warranty: 1-Year & 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Original Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1 Blu-Pack Portable Charger – charges batteries on the go!
  • 2 Lithium Batteries
  • 2 Atomizers
  • 5 Cartridges
  • 1 Wall Charger
  • 1 USB Charger

Blu Cig Flavor Cartridges:

Blu Cig provides seven flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Pina Colada, Peach Schnapps and Java Jolt. Four nicotine levels are available:

  • Full Flavored: 16mg
  • Light: 12 mg
  • Ultra Light: 8mg
  • No Nicotine

Blu Cig Vapor Volume:

The volume of vapor with Blue Cig is average and not very impressive. Our Best Electronic Cigarette Review team determined that keeping the battery well-charged can maximize the vapor volume.

Blu Cig Electric Cigarette Atomizer:

Blu Cig uses a two-piece system. The best electronic cigarette brands use two piece systems, as they are cleaner and generally more reliable.

Blu Cig Battery:

Blu Cig does not have the best electronic cigarette battery life. It’s average at best when compared to other electronic cigarette brands. We advise keeping one or two spare batteries charged and ready. Fortunately, Blu Cig provides the portable Blu Pack charger, which can charge up to five spare batteries in an on-the-go carrying case.

Blu Cig Charger:

Included in the Blu Cig electronic cigarette Starter Kit is a wall charger, USB charger and the handy Blu Pack portable charger. The Blu Pak counters the Blu Cig battery life issue by making it possible to charge five batteries at once in a carrying case you can take with you anywhere.

Blu Cig Special Features:

Blu Cigs takes great pride in their commitment to produce the best electronic cigarette. Their flavor cartridges are produced in the USA under strict guidelines and do not contain the chemical propylene gycol.

Blu Cig Product Quality:

Blu Cis electronic cigarettes are a solid product with plenty of user reviews. Our Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews team didn’t experience any problems with the Blu Cig brand.

Blu Cig Customer Service:

We have heard reports of some customers experiencing delays in shipping. Additionally, Blu Cig has had a recall on their batteries in the past.

Blu Cig: Our Best Electronic Cigarette 2014 Value


What is the 2015 Best Electric Cigarette?

As great fans of electronic cigarettes, our Electronic Cigarette Review picks for Top 5 Best Electronic Cigarette Brands are based on years of personal experience and a passion to seek out the best available brands.

Electronic Cigarette Safety From Dr. David Baron, M.D.

Finding the Best E Cig Battery for Your Vaping Pleasure

White Cloud Cirrus 3X 3rd Gen Lithium BatteryWhen it comes to relying on an E-cig for your nicotine intake, nothing is more disappointing than a battery that goes dead, leaving you unable to vaporize. However, avoiding this problem is possible by utilizing a battery that not only stays charged for a long and resists degradation in power storage ability, but by also choosing a model which has a variety of recharging options. By considering these factors, finding the best e cig battery for your needs should be achievable.

Consider Your Size Preference
The larger the battery portion of the electronic cigarette, the longer you will be able to go without having to recharge. Evaluate the size of the battery based on how you typically transport your electronic cigarette. Consider using a longer lasting E-Cig battery that will operate all day. White Cloud E Cig maker sells lithium 3rd gen batteries that not only last longer but recharge faster too.

Recharging Options
The option to recharge your electronic cigarette on the go is important, especially if you frequently use your electronic cigarettes. Choose a model which offers a variety of recharge options, such as through a USB, wall outlet or car cigarette port.

Consistent Vapor Production
An e cig battery should produce a consistent volume of vaporized nicotine up until the battery needs to be replaced. Some batteries will slowly die out, producing a smaller amount of vapor with each puff. This occurrence also tends to happen when an electronic cigarette battery wears out after consistent use. The best E-cig batteries provide consistent vapor production throughout the life of a cartridge. A quality E cig brand will have electronic circuitry that optimizes the vapor production.

Avoid Battery Explosions or Ignition
There have been some occurrences of electronic cigarette batteries lighting on fire or even exploding. In one case, such an explosion caused a fatality. According to the Dewsbury Reporter,

“Advice includes: only use the charger supplied with the kit; don’t mix and match components from different e-cig manufacturers; never over tighten a battery on to the charger – plug the charger in first, then gently screw the battery in until the light flashes and then stop; never leave them unattended while charging; clean the battery pin and charger contact at least once a week with tissue or alcohol wipes; and remove the battery from the charger when fully charged.”

Avoid models associated with such explosions and always place the electronic cigarette in a place where if such an explosion occurred, the chance of fire or personal injury is slim.

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The Top Rated Electronic Cigarette for Your Vape Preference

White Cloud Cirrus 3XIf you are comparing the various models of electronic cigarettes available and thus looking for the top rated electronic cigarette  out for 2014 your in luck. There are a few stand out brands  out there in 2014 and finding the one to meet your vaping preferences shouldn’t be too tough.

Vaporizing is becoming seen as one of the healthiest ways to consume nicotine in a manner that is covert, effective and typically instantly gratifying. However, no typical electronic cigarette available for purchase cheaply at your local gas station is likely to be of the pristine quality you expect with such a revolutionary technology. By learning how to compare the various models of electronic cigarettes available for purchase on the open market, finding the top rated electronic cigarette  for your personal preferences and needs should be achievable in no time at all.

Try Out A Cheap Disposable E-Cig Before Switching

Although the disposable electronic cigarettes you find at the local corner store are likely to not be of the highest quality, they will give you an opportunity to experiment with the general nicotine vaporization concept. It is much different than any other nicotine consumption method, which is why it is important to try it out before you make a large investment. If you know some people who currently use e-cigs be sure to ask them about their opinion as well as if you can try out the models or brands that they have available.

Charging Options and Long-Lasting Cartridges can Make All the Difference

According to College Mogul,

“The life of the cartridge and the battery are the other two factors. You want a liquid nicotine bottle that will last a long period of time and a battery that will enable the electronic cigarette to function numerous hours without having to be recharged.”

In lieu of a charging device, it may be necessary to bring a replacement battery or utilize an e-cig which can be recharged on the go using a USB, car charger or outlet plug. In addition to being able to consistently maintain a charge on your electronic cigarette, the longevity of your nicotine cartridges can also come into play. Although it would likely not be too difficult to carry extra cartridges with you, nicotine cartridges which last longer will attribute to an overall lower cost for your vaporization pleasure.

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Health Concerns Associated with Electronic Cigarettes

Why Choose the Best Electronic Cigarette Brand on the Market?

EverSmoke Awarded Best Electronic Cigarette 2012 for Best Flavor

Electronic cigarettes are gaining a lot of popularity these days among the masses. However, there are quite a few circulations about the hazards involved. Many individuals are concerned about the health risks associated with using them. It is necessary to mention that if you use a low quality product, you may encounter issues. If you use the best electronic cigarette available from a reputable USA manufacturer,  you can feel much more comfortable with quality assurance of both the components and the ingredients in the cartridges.

An electronic cigarette gives you an experience similar to smoking and is safer than a tobacco cigarette because you don’t inhale tobacco.

An E cig uses propylene glycol, glycerin and polyethylene glycol to form vapors. All these products are widely used in foods, toothpastes and asthma inhalers. However, the emitted vapor contains traces of nicotine which has made many health organizations concerned about the safety of electronic cigarettes.

Nicotine improves a person’s mood but increases his blood pressure and heart rates because it contracts the blood vessels. This can cause heart problems and cardiac diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published no report that discards electronic cigarettes as a safer alternative to smoking but it is not so sure about the toxicity levels. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that E cigars contain poisonous chemicals and high traces of nicotine.

It also mentioned that certain elements found in some of the cartridges can even lead to cancer. FDA was sued for its claims by Smoking Everywhere and NJOY, which are manufacturers of the best electronic cigarette devices on the market. FDA lost the case.

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Electronic Cigarette Review: Symptoms You Might Experience Initially

An Electronic Cigarette Review of What to Expect After a Switch to E Cigs

EverSmoke Awarded Best Electronic Cigarette in Electronic Cigarette Review 2012Consumer electronic cigarette reviews indicate that when you start using electronic cigarettes initially for the purpose of quitting smoking, you might experience a few symptoms that are common when you quit smoking. These symptoms are not because e-cigarettes are harmful for you.

You should remember that e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco and your body will take time to adapt and adjust to this new change in your routine.

If you are looking for e-cigarettes to quit smoking tobacco, you should learn about the symptoms caused by the lack of tobacco consumption so that you don’t end up attributing them to the use of e-cigarettes.

If you are using nicotine e-cigarettes, some of these symptoms might not occur. However, most of them are caused by tar, tobacco and other chemicals apart from nicotine.

Here are the most common symptoms you might face:

Coughing, Congestion and Phlegm – This can be caused due to your lungs cleaning out the tar on the surface of your tissue in the form of phlegm. This is a natural cleaning process and it is good for you. You may experience it for a week or a month, depending on how heavy of a smoker you were.

Cold – When you quit smoking, your immune system starts working overtime to get rid of toxins and you might experience prevalent instances of cold.

Hoarse Voice – When you cough, your throat cleaning process will start and the lack of tobacco will start muscle regeneration in your lungs and throat. This might give you a hoarse voice for a few days.

Heartburn – This can be caused not only because of a lack of tobacco but also due to excessive nicotine intake. To avoid it, you should use lower nicotine strength for your e-cigarette. However, electronic cigarette reviews show that this condition lasts only for a week and if it persists longer, a doctor should be consulted.

Headache and Nausea – This happens due to the change in the intake of nicotine. To adjust this issue, you should use different nicotine levels until you find the one that suits your consumption.

Acne – You might experience a mild acne breakout due to the release of toxins from your body through your skin membrane.

Hiccups – This is a common symptom in all smoking cessations. It is caused when nicotine finds a way to your stomach. When you are using e-cigarettes, you should be careful not to hold the vapor in your mouth for too long. Our Electronic Cigarette review blogs offer techniques to best smoke an E-cig.

Lack of Sleep – Lack of tobacco and the occurring changes in your body can cause sleeplessness and a caffeine addiction. Try to avoid it as much as possible.

Mouth Ulcers – Small lesions can occur quite commonly on the inside of your mouth when you quit smoking. This happens when your body is in the process of replacing damaged tissue.

Dizziness – One reason for dizziness is the improved blood regulation of your body. Another reason might be taking too much nicotine all day. For that, you should keep alternating between high and low nicotine strengths.

Apart from these common symptoms, electronic cigarette reviews list other symptoms as well such as muscle cramps, diarrhea and itching that are also attributed to the lack of tobacco. So, when you use e-cigarettes, there is no reason to panic if you face some of these symptoms. They are actually good for you.

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2-Piece vs. 3-Piece Top Electronic Cigarette Systems

Top Electronic Cigarettes are 2-Piece Models for Several Reasons

EverSmoke Awarded Top Electronic Cigarette for Best Taste

Top electronic cigarettes come in 2-piece and 3-piece versions. Both the versions have certain differences that make them stand out on their own.

The 3-piece cigarettes have been around since the inception of electronic cigarettes.

On the other hand, 2-piece cigarettes are a newer invention and are considered superior in performance as compared to the other version.

Here are the major differences between 2-piece and 3-piece electronic cigarettes.

3-Piece Electronic Cigarettes

The 3-piece top electronic cigarette design is also famously called the ‘Atomizer’ design. The reason for this is that it contains an extra atomizing device.

It is the first type of design that was developed with the introduction of electronic cigarettes. This design is also very popular and considered highly reliable.

The 3 parts of this electronic cigarette are:

  1. Inhaler: This is the mouthpiece that contains the filter i.e. the liquid nicotine cartridge.
  2. Atomizing Device: This is a reusable device, which performs the function of atomizing the nicotine.
  3. Rechargeable Battery: This part contains the lithium battery that is rechargeable and an indicator light that turns on when you inhale.

The pros and cons of this type of electronic cigarette are:


  • This is an affordable design because the atomizer is reusable.
  • You only have to replace the nicotine cartridge, which is easy to perform and cheaper, too.


  • Droplets of nicotine gather in the atomizer housing over a period of time. It has to be cleaned when the cartridge is replaced.
  • To achieve maximum efficiency the atomizer has to be replaced every few months.

2-Piece Electronic Cigarettes

This Top Electronic Cigarette design is a new one. It is also famously known as the ‘Cartomizer’ design. The reason for this is that the nicotine ‘cartridge’ and ‘atomizer’ are combined into one piece.

Here are the two pieces of this electronic cigarette:

  1. Atomization Chamber: This contains the atomizer and the disposable nicotine cartridge.
  2. Rechargeable Battery: This is lithium ion battery that is rechargeable and an LED ash which works with a smart-chip controller.

The pros and cons of this type of electronic cigarette are:


  • More user-friendly because there are lesser parts to handle.
  • Every time a cartridge is replaced the atomizer is replaced so the performance remains high.
  • It produces greater and cleaner vapor smoke.


  • Costlier than the 3-piece version.
  • Contain a built-in-heating element, which uses up the battery quicker.

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