Best Electronic Cigarette Review: Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs: A Best Electronic Cigarette 2015 Choice

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Cartridges made in the USA and propylene glycol-free
Price: $69.95
Flavors: 7
Nicotine Levels: 4
Special Features:Cartridges made in the USA; all propylene glycol free!

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Made In The USA And Full Of Value

Blu Cig brand electronic cigarettes stand out as a great value. The starter kit is very complete for the price. Blu Cig might be the best electronic value for someone hoping to try electronic cigarettes without a large investment.

Blu Cig recently upgraded both their battery and overall reliability, resulting in more robust vapor production and more powerful batteries.

Blu Cigs’ seven flavors (with four nicotine levels) are all made in Wisconsin rather than poorly-regulated China, and all flavor cartridges are propylene glycol free.

If you’re looking for a solid, reliable brand made in the USA for a great price, Blu Cig is the best electronic cigarette for you!

Blu Cig Pros and Cons


  1. Good Value for a great price
  2. Cartridges made in USA. Not a Chinese product in any way!
  3. Propylene and Glycol-free


  1. Average vapor production
  2. Average battery life

Product Details: Blu Cig

Manufacturer: Blu Cig
Country: USA
Model: Original Starter Kit
Starter Kit Price: $69.95
Cartridge Price (5-pack): $12.00
Number of Flavors: 7
Nicotine Levels Offered: 4 (Full Flavored: 16mg, Light: 12 mg, Ultra Light: 8mg, No Nicotine)
Warranty: 1-Year & 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Original Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1 Blu-Pack Portable Charger – charges batteries on the go!
  • 2 Lithium Batteries
  • 2 Atomizers
  • 5 Cartridges
  • 1 Wall Charger
  • 1 USB Charger

Blu Cig Flavor Cartridges:

Blu Cig provides seven flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Pina Colada, Peach Schnapps and Java Jolt. Four nicotine levels are available:

  • Full Flavored: 16mg
  • Light: 12 mg
  • Ultra Light: 8mg
  • No Nicotine

Blu Cig Vapor Volume:

The volume of vapor with Blue Cig is average and not very impressive. Our Best Electronic Cigarette Review team determined that keeping the battery well-charged can maximize the vapor volume.

Blu Cig Electric Cigarette Atomizer:

Blu Cig uses a two-piece system. The best electronic cigarette brands use two piece systems, as they are cleaner and generally more reliable.

Blu Cig Battery:

Blu Cig does not have the best electronic cigarette battery life. It’s average at best when compared to other electronic cigarette brands. We advise keeping one or two spare batteries charged and ready. Fortunately, Blu Cig provides the portable Blu Pack charger, which can charge up to five spare batteries in an on-the-go carrying case.

Blu Cig Charger:

Included in the Blu Cig electronic cigarette Starter Kit is a wall charger, USB charger and the handy Blu Pack portable charger. The Blu Pak counters the Blu Cig battery life issue by making it possible to charge five batteries at once in a carrying case you can take with you anywhere.

Blu Cig Special Features:

Blu Cigs takes great pride in their commitment to produce the best electronic cigarette. Their flavor cartridges are produced in the USA under strict guidelines and do not contain the chemical propylene gycol.

Blu Cig Product Quality:

Blu Cis electronic cigarettes are a solid product with plenty of user reviews. Our Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews team didn’t experience any problems with the Blu Cig brand.

Blu Cig Customer Service:

We have heard reports of some customers experiencing delays in shipping. Additionally, Blu Cig has had a recall on their batteries in the past.

Blu Cig: Our Best Electronic Cigarette 2014 Value


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