Best Electronic Cigarette Review: White Cloud

Best Electronic Cigarette Review: White Cloud — Ultimate Technology

White Cloud Cirrus 3X Starter Kit | Best Electronic CigaretteA Rock Star Brand!
Ultimate Premium Quality
Price: $50.96 to $157.21 (Price with Discount)
Flavors: 15
Nicotine Levels: 6
Battery: Strong Lithium Polymer
Discount: 15% (This makes White Cloud a remarkable value)
Discount Code: WCTKIT15

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Our Best Electronic Cigarette Review Panel Speaks

  1. “White Cloud is the rock star brand”
  2. “White Cloud is the one to own if you’re ready to invest in electronic cigarette smoking.”
  3. “The crown for longest lasting and fastest recharging battery belongs to… White Cloud!”

White Cloud Is A Rock Star

White Cloud is the priciest brand of electronic cigarettes… the brand to own if money is no object when selecting the best electronic cigarette for you. That high price is why this “Rolls Royce” brand doesn’t earn our 2015 top ranked spot. Everything about White Cloud is the absolute premium quality. This electronic cigarette is built to last.

White Cloud’s Lithium Polymer battery provides three advantages over less advanced technology:

  1. Extra-long draws of eight to nine seconds
  2. The power to smoke the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes — about 300 puffs — on a single charge
  3. Super-fast recharge speed of about an hour. Compare that to two and a half to four hours for less premium brands!

If you’re a smoker who likes long, slow drags, White Cloud is the best electronic cigarette for you. It creates a smooth, consistently sustained volume.

Thanks to the incredible battery, drags of eight to nine seconds can be drawn from this electronic cigarette. White Cloud uses “Smooth Draw Technology” to pull lots of air through a small space, resulting in a “white cloud” of smoke with great, rich taste.

White Cloud electronic cigarette brand offers nine superb flavors in five nicotine levels. This brand is proud of its rich, smooth, tasty flavors, and our Top Electronic Cigarette Review agrees they’re some of the best we’ve tested.

White Cloud Pros and Cons:

White Cloud Cirrus 3X Close-Up

  1. Smoothest draw and enormous vapor production.
  2. 600 puffs per charge with the Cirrus3X and polymer battery technology
  3. one hour recharge time with the Cirrus 3 and polymer battery technology
  4. Great taste and largest flavor variety of any brand we know of.
  5. 15% Discount makes this brand a great value


  1. Relatively more expensive than other electronic cigarette brands due to the amazing polymer battery and the quality of this brand
  2. Two of the starter kits do not include an AC adapter

Product Details: White Cloud

Manufacturer: White Cloud Cirrus
Country: USA
Type: 2-Piece
Cirrus II Starter Kit: $49.95
Cirrus 3 Starer Kit: $79.95
Cirrus Variety Starter Kit: $109.95
Cirrus 3X Starter Kit: $119.95
Cartridge Price (5-pack): $15.95 – (they just had a price reduction from $19.95)
Number of Flavors: 15: One of the biggest varieties of any brand on the market today.
Strengths Offered: 6 Double X (only avail. w/tobacco flavor) extra, full, light, ultra-light and nicotine free.
Nicotine Solution Liquid: No liquid, voids warranty.
FREE Warranty: All equipment is covered against defects by a six month warranty.

You can also purchase a two year Assured warranty to cover defects and accidental damage for two years for $29.95. The Cirrus 3X Kit includes the Assured warranty.

FREE Shipping: Orders over $50.00 ship for free.

White Cloud Cirrus II Starter Kit: $50.96 with WCKIT15 discount

Includes: (2) Batteries, (1) USB Charger, (5) SmoothDraw Cartridges, 6 Month Warranty.

White Cloud Cirrus 3 Starter Kit: $97.71with WCKIT15 discount

Includes: (3) Batteries, (1) USB Charger, (1) AC Adapter, (5) SmoothDraw Cartridges, 6 Month Warranty.

White Cloud Cirrus Variety Starter Kit: $114.71 with WCKIT15 discount

Includes: (3) Batteries: a Cirrus 2, a C3 and a C3X, (1) USB Chargebolt Charger, (1) AC Adapter, (5) SmoothDraw Cartridges.

White Cloud Cirrus 3X Starter Kit: $157.21 with WCKIT15 discount

Includes: (3) Batteries, (1) USB Chargebolt Charger, (1) AC Adapter, (5) 5-Packs of SmoothDraw Cartridges, 2 year Premium Warranty.

White Cloud Flavor Cartridges:

With nine different flavors, White Cloud offers more choices than most brands of electronic cigarette. Each flavor taste great and is rich, smooth and full of body. You can expect to get about 400 puffs from each cartridge.

White Cloud’s (15) flavors include:

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol (refreshing, with a touch of eucalyptus)
  • Vanilla – amazing taste
  • Espresso
  • Chocolate
  • Indonesian Clove
  • Strawberry – We highly recommend this flavor
  • Kick (like cinnamon with a little honey… a favorite!)
  • Snap (strong mint with cacao beans)
  • Apache
  • Bora Bora
  • Moscow Mule
  • Diablo
  • Lime Coconut
  • Mint Berry

White Cloud Vapor Volume:

White Cloud might be the best electronic cigarette for smokers who like long, slow drags. Thanks to the White Cloud “Smooth Draw Technology,” which pulls lots of air through a small space to create thick and rich vapor, you can take a medium draw or one lasting as long as eight seconds.

White Cloud Atomizer:

White Cloud utilizes a two piece component system wherein the atomizer is part of the filter and replaced each time you refill the flavor cartridge.

We think the two piece model is the best electronic cigarette atomizer strategy because there’s almost no maintenance, leaks or clogs and they provide nearly hassle-free smoking.

White Cloud Battery:

Both the White Cloud electronic cigarette Cirrus 3 and Cirrus 3X starter kits include three high-capacity lithium polymer batteries. These batteries will each last long enough to go through an entire cartridge, or equal to about two packs of tobacco cigarettes. A single charge should get your through an entire day of smoking.

The Cirrus 3X battery lasts around 600 puffs and takes two hours to recharge. That makes it the longest lasting electronic cigarette battery in the world. It’s this advanced technology that makes White Smoke more pricey than other brands, but it’s worth it for the rock star performance.

The Cirrus 3 battery will get you 200 puffs and takes an hour to recharge — the fastest recharge time of any brand we’ve reviewed, by far.

Finally, the Cirrus II battery will provide you with power for 280 puffs and takes ninety minutes to recharge.

These batteries are designed to endure. Quite simply, they are practically invulnerable when dropped. Our Best Electronic Cigarette Review team has used the same batteries for over two years with no reduction in quality or performance.

White Cloud Charger:

White Cloud Cirrus 3X Close-Up
The White Cloud Cirrus 3 and Cirrus Variety starter kids include a USB and AC charger. The rest of the starter kits come with a USB charger, but you can get an AC charger separately for $19.95.

We’ve used our original chargers for two years with no problem. White Smoke manufactures quality products that can be relied on through heavy use, and are protected under warranty against defects.

White Cloud Special Features:

White Cloud provides the best electronic cigarette battery available today. No other electronic cigarette recharges faster or lasts as long.

Thanks to the power and endurance of the battery, and the instant restart feature, you can get very long drags of eight to nine seconds, and the taste and number of flavors is without compare.

White Cloud Product Quality:

White Cloud is high on the list for “best electronic cigarette.” It’s been called a “Rolls Royce” brand and, appropriately, it’s solidly, tightly built. In our test of White Cloud, we did not witness any failures, leaks or clogs.

Without a doubt, White Cloud electronic cigarettes feature the most advanced battery of any electronic cigarette product on the market today.

White Cloud Customer Service:

The Best Electronic Cigarette Review team saw that the White Smoke customer service department gets high marks on the web, and our experience matched that expectation. When we ordered a new electronic cigarette battery our phone experience was good and the battery arrived on time.


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