Electronic Cigarette Review: Symptoms You Might Experience Initially

An Electronic Cigarette Review of What to Expect After a Switch to E Cigs

EverSmoke Awarded Best Electronic Cigarette in Electronic Cigarette Review 2012Consumer electronic cigarette reviews indicate that when you start using electronic cigarettes initially for the purpose of quitting smoking, you might experience a few symptoms that are common when you quit smoking. These symptoms are not because e-cigarettes are harmful for you.

You should remember that e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco and your body will take time to adapt and adjust to this new change in your routine.

If you are looking for e-cigarettes to quit smoking tobacco, you should learn about the symptoms caused by the lack of tobacco consumption so that you don’t end up attributing them to the use of e-cigarettes.

If you are using nicotine e-cigarettes, some of these symptoms might not occur. However, most of them are caused by tar, tobacco and other chemicals apart from nicotine.

Here are the most common symptoms you might face:

Coughing, Congestion and Phlegm – This can be caused due to your lungs cleaning out the tar on the surface of your tissue in the form of phlegm. This is a natural cleaning process and it is good for you. You may experience it for a week or a month, depending on how heavy of a smoker you were.

Cold – When you quit smoking, your immune system starts working overtime to get rid of toxins and you might experience prevalent instances of cold.

Hoarse Voice – When you cough, your throat cleaning process will start and the lack of tobacco will start muscle regeneration in your lungs and throat. This might give you a hoarse voice for a few days.

Heartburn – This can be caused not only because of a lack of tobacco but also due to excessive nicotine intake. To avoid it, you should use lower nicotine strength for your e-cigarette. However, electronic cigarette reviews show that this condition lasts only for a week and if it persists longer, a doctor should be consulted.

Headache and Nausea – This happens due to the change in the intake of nicotine. To adjust this issue, you should use different nicotine levels until you find the one that suits your consumption.

Acne – You might experience a mild acne breakout due to the release of toxins from your body through your skin membrane.

Hiccups – This is a common symptom in all smoking cessations. It is caused when nicotine finds a way to your stomach. When you are using e-cigarettes, you should be careful not to hold the vapor in your mouth for too long. Our Electronic Cigarette review blogs offer techniques to best smoke an E-cig.

Lack of Sleep – Lack of tobacco and the occurring changes in your body can cause sleeplessness and a caffeine addiction. Try to avoid it as much as possible.

Mouth Ulcers – Small lesions can occur quite commonly on the inside of your mouth when you quit smoking. This happens when your body is in the process of replacing damaged tissue.

Dizziness – One reason for dizziness is the improved blood regulation of your body. Another reason might be taking too much nicotine all day. For that, you should keep alternating between high and low nicotine strengths.

Apart from these common symptoms, electronic cigarette reviews list other symptoms as well such as muscle cramps, diarrhea and itching that are also attributed to the lack of tobacco. So, when you use e-cigarettes, there is no reason to panic if you face some of these symptoms. They are actually good for you.

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