What is an Electronic Cigarette?

What is an Electronic Cigarette: The Answer

Electronic cigarettes are devices that mimic the sensation and pleasure of tobacco cigarette smoking by producing a smoke-like vapor with the appearance, taste and flavor of a real cigarette. Electronic cigarettes even deliver the nicotine of a real cigarette: up to 24mg for a real kick or, if you prefer, none at all. All electronic cigarettes utilize a rechargeable battery.

Electronic cigarettes vaporize a combination of nicotine and either propylene glycol or vegetable gycerine via battery-powered, microprocessor-controlled heat. electronic cigarette reviews, best electronic cigarette The user inhales the vapor through puffing, which causes the tip to light in a realistic fashion. Smoking electronic cigarettes provides the smoking experience without the adverse health effects of real tobacco smoke.

The majority of electronic cigarette brands offer produces designed to look and feel like real cigarettes, pipes, or cigars.

Many electronic cigarette flavors are available. Some brands focus on flavors that mimic popular brands like Marlboro, Camels or Newport, while others provide exotic and fun flavors like vanilla, cherry, chocolate and so on. As with anything, some brands taste better than others!

Since taste is a very important factor in a satisfying smoking experience, look for the best electronic cigarette with highly regarded flavor cartridges.

Electronic cigarette technology has come a long way since they were first brought on the market in 2003. The best electronic cigarette brands are those that use a two-piece system.

In the superior two piece model, the atomizer is built into the cartridge to provide a clog-free, no-drip smoking experience.

Top Electronic Cigarette Review strongly recommends avoiding three piece models. This is an older, unreliable, messy technology. You’ll be more satisfied with two-piece electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette Components:

What is an Electronic Cigarette, Anatomy of an Electronic Cigarette, Electronic Cigarette Review, Top Rated Electronic Cigarette

Two Piece vs Three Piece E Cigarette Technology Compared

  1. Flavor Cartridge – The mouthpiece holding the mix of nicotine and glycol. Disposable, Cartomizers typically last about as long as one or two packs of real cigarettes. While three-piece models allow you to add more nicotine liquid to extend cartridge life, recommend against these types because they are messy, tend to leak and often result in the getting the powerful and unpleasant taste of nicotine liquid in your mouth.
  2. Atomizer – Three piece electronic cigarette systems are built with the atomizer as its own component between the cartomizer and battery. The mixture in the cartridge is heated by the atomizer, creating the vapor. In a two piece electronic cigarette, the atomizer is part of the cartridge, so it is brand new every time the atomizer is replaced. This brings a more reliably consistent experience to the smoker.
  3. Battery – A rechargeable battery, combined with a microprocessor, is built into the front section of an electronic cigarette. The microprocessor signals the atomizer to heat, producing the vapor and lighting the tip of the cigarette, as soon as the user starts their draw. When the LED on the tip of the electronic cigarette blinks, it’s time to recharge the battery.

Best Electronic Cigarette Tips:

  1. Avoid three piece technology. The electronic cigarette’s atomizer must work perfectly to deliver superior performance and give the user a good experience. Since atomizers are sensitive, they should be replaced often to maintain good vapor. This is one of the reasons we recommend a two-piece electronic cigarette, where the atomizer is replaced every time the cartomizer is changed. This automatic replacement of the atomizer provides great vapor production minimizes leaks, and provides ultimate reliability and performance.
  2. Here are the two most important considerations when you chose the best electronic cigarette for you:
    • Long Battery Life – Don’t be disappointed by a brand that needs frequent recharging. Look for lithium ion batteries, and a 4.2 volt battery is preferable to a 3.7 volt. Note that brands might call some batteries “long” or “short.” “Long” batteries will last… longer!
    • Great Tasting E-Cig Cartridges – Some brands simply taste artificial. Look for the best electronic cigarette review for taste. You want something that will taste the most like a real Marlboro, Camel, Newport or other tobacco cigarette.

Finding The Best Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity as an alternative to smoking. Some see electronic cigarettes as a means to quit smoking, or as a way to smoke in the home or office without the odor and harmful carcinogens of real tobacco.

Not all electronic cigarette brands are created equal! Many products should be avoided outright, and a few are ranked superior in terms of reliability, quality and performance. Our reviews of the best electronic cigarette brands available will help you find the highest quality available and make sure you’re satisfied.

We smoke electronic cigarettes, everyday, and that experience lets us bring you reliable electronic cigarette review. We only recommend brands that we ourselves smoke — the best electronic cigarette brands available in the market in 2012.